About Me

We are a Group of Digital Nomads Who Work While Holidaying In Different Parts Of Australia

My name is Rachel, and my friends, Nadine and Irene, and I, are Australian digital nomads who work while constantly holidaying in different parts of the country. The three of us have been remote workers since 2008. We have been working as writers in the digital publishing industry for 14 years.

We take pleasure in being able to travel to several beaches in Australia on an annual basis. Summer in Australia is during the Christmas and New Year holidays. So, Nadine, Irene, and I are lucky to get in cheery moods for the holidays while being able to get the tan we have wanted to have for a long time. Last year, my friends and I received cash gifts from our siblings as Christmas presents. We spent these gifts for getaway vacations in several beach resorts in Sydney, the Gold Coast, and Byron Bay. In addition to these locations, we have also been travelling extensively to other beaches down under.

Going on wilderness tours is an adventure my friends and I embark on while holidaying in different parts of Australia. We love being in close physical contact with kangaroos and koala bears while out in Australian outdoor tours. We have never felt intimidated by the sights of and behaviours of these animals. As a matter of fact, we have discovered kangaroos and koala bears are among the most adorable, sweet, and tame wild animals that are native from down under.

Of course, while out vacationing in these places we haven’t neglected to complete our tasks at work as digital nomads. Our duties as remote workers are demanding. So, we normally can’t take days off from work for more than two days. The good thing about being digital nomads is that our ability to work and take care of personal matters is flexible. Such a situation is the case as we can work in any city, town, and country in the world with the use of our laptops and an internet connection. Wifi connection is typically found in virtually any establishment in any parts of the world. If we want to feel the comfort of home working in a different city, town, or country, hotels, motels, and other residential properties always offer wifi connection that we can access.

We are happy that we have been fortunate to enjoy the pleasures of life, without having the need to sacrifice doing away with our jobs while we’re on the road.

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